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Meishan Danling focuses on production with passion and aims

"First, production: what does the enterprise produce, what is the leading product, the raw materials and origin of the product, and whether the production plan for the near future and the next stage is full? Second, benefits: product prices, output, sales, imports and exports, the output value of the enterprise last year, up to now, and the expected output value of the whole year? Third, potential: the development goals and industry positioning of the enterprise, and how about the cooperation with large groups and enterprises..." Recently, At the mobilization meeting of "lowering enterprises and promoting development" of industrial economy held in Danling County, the leaders of the participating government departments received two documents with unique Danling characteristics - the List of Danling County's Cadres Contacting Industrial Enterprises in the "Fourth Quarter of the Battle and a Hundred Days of Great Effort" and the "Ten Must Ask" for entering the enterprise, Inject a "booster" into the county to promote industrial economic development.

It is reported that in 2022, the gross industrial output value above designated size of Danling County is expected to increase by 12.5% year on year, the growth rate of industrial added value above designated size is expected to exceed 4.5%, and the industrial investment is expected to increase by more than 20%.

In fact, the implementation of service responsibilities and the improvement of service quality in the form of the mobilization meeting for industrial economic breakthrough of "lowering enterprises and promoting development" is just a microcosm of the actual action of Danling County to "fight for the fourth quarter and work for a hundred days". Driven by the Party committee and government's high attention and strong service, Danling's industrial economy has shown a momentum of intense sprint and vigorous development.

Expand production capacity and output value and strive to double it

"The Company's Phase 2 project is currently in full production, and the backlog of orders in the third quarter is being produced." In Sichuan Ruidi Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd., Su Hongjin, assistant general manager, introduced to the reporter. In the production workshop of the company's Phase II plant, 150 workers are working in "three shifts", racing against time to ensure that 1 million expansion sleeves and 20000 couplings can be produced each month. After full production, the monthly output value of the second phase project increased from 4 million yuan to 8 million yuan.

It is reported that the company mainly produces high-precision mechanical transmission parts such as expansion sleeve, synchronous pulley, claw coupling, drum gear coupling, torque limiter and other parts. These are important parts for the production of robots and vehicles. The company's products occupy 20% of the domestic market. From January to October, the company has achieved an output value of 140 million yuan. At present, the company is making full efforts to achieve the annual output value goal of 180 million yuan.

"In the fourth quarter of the sprint, we focused on three key areas. First, intelligent transformation. In the first phase, 28 robots were installed, and in the second phase, 20 robots were installed. With half of the number of people reduced, the efficiency could be improved twice; second, equipment upgrading to improve product quality and production efficiency; and last, shorten the delivery period, innovate management methods, and reasonably arrange production processes." According to Su Hongjin, at present, the company has taken a decisive attitude and vowed to sprint to complete the annual target task.