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Beauty of Labor and Harmony | Danling County of Meishan City plays a role of collective negotiation, and the "Spring Wind Action" for harmonious labor relations has yielded fruitful results

This year, in order to further build a harmonious labor relationship, Danling County, Meishan City, insisted on giving play to the role of enterprise workers as the main body, and explored a governance model to resolve disputes through collective negotiation, improve the system, and promote harmony. Since the implementation of the "Spring Breeze Action" for harmonious labor relations, the county has signed 165 new special collective contracts (covering 3 of the eight groups), covering 6518 employees (covering 281 of the eight groups), realizing a win-win situation for the government, enterprises and employees, and effectively promoting the harmonious development of the economy and society. In particular, the local government has guided Sichuan Ruidi Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruidi Jiayuan") to resolve labor disputes through collective negotiation, so as to achieve a harmonious and stable labor relationship and a win-win situation for the enterprise and employees.

On June 3, 2021, Sichuan Ruidi Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd. conducted collective negotiation on the special collective contract for wages.


Confronting the "spring breeze", collective negotiation disputes

In 2017, Ruidi Jiayuan had 186 employees, and 153 left in 2018. Difficulties in recruitment, retention, labor disputes and other issues not only hinder the development of enterprises themselves, but also hinder the economic and social development. What should I do? In response to the spring breeze of "spring breeze action" to build a harmonious labor relationship in the province in 2021, Danling County made in-depth visits and research, seriously studied and judged, actively thought out good strategies for enterprises to solve these problems, explored the way of collective negotiation disputes, and made every effort to help enterprises retain talents.

Under the guidance of the County Federation of Trade Unions, Ruidi Jiayuan and the staff representatives fully carried out collective negotiation on salary, rest and vacation, labor protection, subsidies and welfare based on the principle of equality. Through negotiation, the Company and the labor union of the Company reached an agreement on relevant issues, signed the Collective Agreement and the Special Collective Agreement on Wages, etc., and determined the wage standard, wage growth rate, wage payment time, employee bonus, subsidy, welfare setting and payment for each post.

"Through collective negotiation, the minimum wage within the enterprise is determined to be 2300 yuan/month, and an over production award is set up. The employee's wages are increased year by year." The management of the company said, "The annual sales target of the company is 8 million yuan. In March this year, the company completed 10 million yuan, and the salary of each employee increased by 400 yuan. In April, the company completed 12 million yuan, and the per capita salary increased by 400 yuan. At present, the company has completed 14 million yuan, and the per capita salary has increased by 1000 yuan. With the guaranteed income, the employees are willing to stay." At present, the number of employees has reached 327, and the employee turnover rate has been greatly reduced.


Innovative assessment and collective negotiation

How to enhance the sense of ownership of employees, stimulate their own internal potential, and contribute more to improving the quality and efficiency of the enterprise is also a question that the company has been thinking about. Since the implementation of the "Spring Wind Action" for harmonious labor relations, under the guidance of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the County Federation of Trade Unions and other departments, Ruidi Jiayuan has innovatively introduced a promotion assessment system through collective negotiation, and set performance wages of 1200 yuan, 1400 yuan and 1700 yuan for junior, middle and senior workers. At the same time, the company's system also stipulates that you can enjoy post allowance while obtaining corresponding performance. This has greatly stimulated the initiative of employees to improve their skills. After the implementation of the collective negotiation system, the monthly output value of the enterprise has increased from 8.5 million yuan in 2019 to 14 million yuan now.

At present, the company is further innovating and carrying out the "small accounting" assessment system in the area, so that the person in charge of the area can learn to be a "small boss", encourage them to optimize procedures, reduce scrap rate, improve skills, and take the initiative to improve quality and efficiency for the enterprise.


Improve the mechanism and promote harmony through collective negotiation

Through collective negotiation, Ruidi Jiayuan not only innovated and introduced the performance salary appraisal system, but also constantly improved the post promotion management mechanism, laying a "cornerstone" for the development of the enterprise and the mobilization of employees' labor enthusiasm.

"When I first entered the company, I didn't know anything but the basic salary and the performance salary of the probationary workers, which added up to more than 2000. The collective negotiation system has opened up the promotion channel, and employees are more hopeful." Zheng Jian, 35, is a CNC lathe employee of Sichuan Ruidi Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd. In just three years, he has grown from a new employee to a technical backbone, successfully passed the assessment of senior workers, and promoted to group leader. In addition to the basic salary, he also has 1700 yuan of performance salary for senior workers each month, and also enjoys the post allowance. Now his monthly salary is more than 4000 yuan. Employees' attention can be paid attention to and resolved by the company, which can stimulate their greater enthusiasm for work. In the latest promotion assessment of Ruidi Jiayuan, 67 people were promoted because they met the promotion mechanism of collective negotiation, and their salaries were adjusted in the month when they passed the assessment.


"Centralized offer", collective negotiation helps development

"The employment problems faced by Ruidi Jiayuan are not unique in our county. Since the implementation of the" Spring Wind Action "for harmonious labor relations, Danling County has vigorously carried out the collective negotiation system to help enterprises operate well, enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the enterprise, and achieve a win-win situation for the government, enterprises, and employees." Xu Weibin, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and executive vice chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, said that Danling County will organize and carry out the "centralized offer month" activity of county wide collective negotiation every year to determine different priorities, organize publicity, mobilization, training and guidance at different levels and in batches.

This year, Danling County, with industrial parks, development zones and other enterprise clusters as the key areas, and new enterprises, enterprises that need to renew their contracts when their contracts expire, and enterprises with low and long-term wage growth as the key areas, supports and guides the collective negotiation of enterprises and industries with new business formats such as express logistics, online catering, and domestic service.